Name Review Requests

As outlined in the Name Removal Review Advisory Committee's charge and procedures, a member of the University community may make a formal request to the Board of Trustees for consideration of removal of a name for reasons consistent with the established Naming Principles. The request should be submitted in writing by the requestor to the VP and Secretary to the Board using the form below.

The request should include the name and affiliation of the person or persons making the request; the name that is the focus of the request; sufficient specific explanation of the basis for the request; reference to sources from which the information about and evidence for the request is drawn; and the proposed applicability of the Naming Principles to the specific case. 

Please provide a summary of the request in the form below and upload a document containing the complete detailed request, rationale, evidence, and other supporting information via this link.

Should you have any questions, please contact Ann Lloyd Breeden, VP and Secretary, at (804) 289-8100 or